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Corrin Strong

In addition to producing videos, Corrin has also been writing a blog for many years on a variety of subjects including the Covid Plandemic:

About Corrin

Corrin Strong has had a long and varied career in business, farming, law, politics and journalism. He was born in 1950 in Washington, D.C. and grew up mainly in suburban Philadelphia where he attended The Haverford School. He spent one year each at Brown University and Reed College in Oregon before dropping out of college for 5 years from 1970-1975.

In 1975 he moved to Geneseo New York, the hometown of his mother Alice Wadsworth Strong. He finished his college education with a BA cum laude in History from SUNY Geneseo in 1977. He then spent 3 years at Albany Law School graduating in 1980. He was admitted to the NYS Bar in 1981 and practiced for 5 years.

In January of 1986 he announced his retirement from "the retail practice of law." Later that year he ran in the Republican primary for NYS Assembly, losing with about 42% of the vote. He later served on the NYS Republican Committee in the 1990s

In 1989 he became a part-owner of The Lake and Valley Clarion and became active in producing that paper.  A few years later he bought out his partners and became sole owner. He also founded and published Genesee Country a regional magazine from 1993-2001. He continued to publish the paper until 2007.

From 1977-1992 he operated a commercial grain farm in Caledonia, NY. Also in the 1980s, he help run The Little People's House, a children's clothing store in Avon, with branches in Mt. Morris and Brighton.

Strong has been a community activist involved in many local issues. He was one of the leaders of PDDG (Please Don't Destroy Geneseo) in its ultimately successful effort to stop the construction of a Big Box Lowes in Geneseo in 2007-08.

He was a strong opponent of lockdowns in the Covid plandemic and served as an Administrator of the Free Livingston County Facebook group until it was banned in October of 2020.

Most recently he has filed a federal lawsuit against the NYS Dept of Health to try to end many Covid rules including the Excelsior Passport That case is pending. Here is a link to a pdf copy of his amended complaint filed on Oct. 13, 2021.

He currently is the owner and/or operator of five businesses:

Genesee Graphics: a full service print and copy shop.

Free Soil Farm: A small vegetable farm that sells at local farmers markets

Hartford House Bed and Breakfast: a 4-unit B & B located in his ancestral home.

Hartford House Weddings and Events: a wedding and events venue

Serves as President of the Genesee Volley Tennis & Croquet Club located in his backyard. (That one is mainly for the fun of it! Come join us!)

He is the father of four grown children.