Two Old men

Former newspapermen Reporter Howard Appell (left) and Editor Corrin Strong (right) worked together at the Lake and Valley Clarion newspaper in Geneseo, NY  from 1995-2005.

They're baaaaack!
Howard and Corrin have been retired from the newspaper business for many years. Corrin owned The Lake & Valley Clarion weekly newspaper in Geneseo, NY from 1989 until he closed it in 2007. Howard continued to work as a reporter at another paper until 2014, after leaving The Clarion in 2005.

Growing increasingly frustrated with the state of journalism today, Howard (72) and Corrin (71) have decided to come back and do video commentaries on the State of the World and the journalists who mainly fail to cover it! Admittedly, they are a couple of cantankerous old men with differing strong opinions on many things, but they do agree that those damn kids who are goofing everything up!

The name of the show is a homage to our hero Dr. Vernon Coleman, a British doctor, who records a regular video series on health issues called, "An Old Man in a Chair." Please check him out, although you won't find him on YouTube or other controlled platforms, as he keep getting censored!

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Rumble Videos
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Episode 1: "And they're off!"

Recorded on Nov. 19 and uploaded on Nov. 27, 2021.

After many years as a graphic artist, Corrin is teaching himself video editing, so please be patient! In this wide-ranging first episode, Howard and Corrin cover the dismal state of journalism and education today, Corrin's federal lawsuit against the NYS Health Dept., the possibility of Upstate succeeding from NY and the question of whether we are on the verge of another Civil War. And of course, what podcast would be complete in 2021 without touching on the VAXX issue?
There is probably more than enough here to get us banned off every major platform and we are just getting warmed up!

 Episode 2a: Was there any good music after 1968?

Recorded on Nov. 19 and uploaded on Nov. 27, 2021.  60 Minutes

Howard and Corrin discuss the music of their lives from Fats Waller to Captain Beefheart and everything in between. A musical celebration of Country, Blues,
R & B , Rock & Roll, The British Invasion, Dylan goes electric, the San Francisco Sound, Country Rock, Outlaw Country and more –with 25 video clips!

Link to video:


  Episode 3: Mandates, Mandates, Mandates!

Recorded on Dec. 13 and uploaded on Dec. 14     46 minutes

Howard and Corrin discuss Livingston County joining the Great Mask Rebellion, Corrin's motion for an injunction against the new NYS regulations and the need for Nuremberg 2 trials.

Link to video:



Episode 3a: Invitation to the Gov.

We have also broken out the last 4 minutes of this video containing our

invitation to Gov. Hochul into a separate video here:



Episode 4: Happy New Year?

Recorded on Dec. 30 and uploaded on Dec. 31     62 minutes

Special Guest "Old Man" Bill Gilchrist of the Concerned Citizen Alliance joins Corrin to look at the year 2021 in review and what's ahead for 2022, including the Jan. 5 trip to Albany. Includes an update on Corrin's lawsuit against the NYS Health Dept. and advice on how to stay sane when all around you people are losing their minds!

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    Episode 4a: How to maintain your sanity in a world gone mad!

Recorded on Dec. 30 and uploaded on Dec. 31     6 minutes

In this short excerpt from our New Year's show, Special Guest Bill Gilchrist talks about his
mental health issues during the pandemic, and Corrin offers some advice for
"old men" (and women too!)


    Episode 5: "Under the Volcano!" 40 min.

Howard returns after his Holiday break and we discuss the Albany Rally the news on Corrin's federal lawsuit and much more!



Episode 5a: "The Noose is tightening!"13 min.

For those who like shorter video, the first 13 minutes of  Episode 5 are broken out here. Includes  update on federal lawsuit.



Episode 5b: "Volcanic Outtakes!" 20 min.

We also broke out a 20 minute outtake in which Howard expounded on Volcanos and we also talk about so-called global warming.



Episode 6: "Special Report on Judge's Decision"15 min.

Howard and Corrin discuss the state of Corrin's lawsuit against the NYS Health Department after a Judge in Federal District Court in Rochester refused to issue a Preliminary Injunction in the case of
Strong v. Zucker.


Episode 6b: "War Stories"35 min.

Howard and Corrin discuss the World Wide Information War that has been waged against us for the last two years, and swap war stories from this and prior conflicts.


The "5 Easy Pieces" series was recorded on Feb. 2. Here is your guide to all 5 short videos:

Episode 7a: "George Orwell would be proud." 5 min.
Corrin discusses disturbing new trends in censorship.


Episode 7b: "Corrin's Adventures in FacebookLand" 6 min.
Corrin describes how and why he started his new Facebook group, that has since been shadow banned.


Episode 7c: "O Canada" 6 min.
Howard and Corrin discuss the Great Canadian Truck Convoy.


Episode 7d: "Wagging the Ukrainian Dog" 5 min.

Howard and Corrin discuss the dangers of the United States getting involved in a war in the Ukraine.


Episode 7e: "Who's Zoomin' Who?" 6 min.
Howard proposes a solution to keep Critical Race Theory out of our public schools.

 If you want to see the full restaurant scene from "5 Easy Pieces" excerpted at the start of each video click here: https://youtu.be/6wtfNE4z6a8

Episode 8: Special Report: "Dear Facebook, Stop monkeying around with our page!" 17 min.

Corrin is joined by Special Guest "Old Man" Doug Beresford to discuss the "monkey wrenching "that FB has been doing to Corrin's "Discrimination against the Unvaxxed in NYS Facebook page.



Episode 9a: "Can the Unvaxxed get a fair trial in a Vaxx-Crazy World?" 17 min.

Howard and Corrin return after a 3 week absence and discuss Corrin's federal lawsuit
against the NYS health Dept.



Episode 9b: "The Biggest Story of the Week (And It's not Ukraine!)" 19 min.

Howard and Corrin discuss the end of the Canadian Truckers Demonstration



Episode 10b: "Red vs. Blue and 2,000 mules" 9 min.

Howard and Corrin reflect on Tom MacDonalds' latest video.



Episode 10c: "Canadian Blues and US Black Budgets" 10 min.

Howard and Corrin have more on the Canadian Trucker aftermath, and discuss the biggest
US scandal that you have probably not heard about!



Episode 12a: Case Dismissed?"I have not yet begun to fight!" 14 min.

Howard and Corrin discuss the recent decsion by Judge Larimer to dismiss Corrin's  federal lawsuit.

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Episode 13b: Ukraine Update: Poking the Russian Bear 17 min.

Howard and Corrin discuss the state of the Ukraine War and the difficulty of
distinguishing truth from propaganda.

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