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In addition to thoughtful reflections from our easy chairs, the Two Old Men in Chairs sometimes summon the energy to actually get out of their chairs and cover an actual news story, just like real reporters! Here are a few:

"Albany or Bust"(19 min.)

This is our first documentary covering the Albany Freedom Rally on Jan, 5
2022. Included are our bus trip from Rochester, Featured Speeches and Corrin's attempt to enter the State Capitol Building without a VAX Pass!

"Adventures in Hochulland"(6 min.)

This short excerpt from the "Albany or Bust" film, just includes Corrin's attempt to enter the Capitol. Hi-Jinx ensue!

"Armies of the Living God"(10 min.)
This is another excerpt from the "Albany or Bust" film contains parts of the speeches of NYC firebrand attorney Tricia Lindsay and Civil Rights activist Jo Rose of the Instagram page @JoSpeaksTruth_

This video is also available on YouTube at:

Corrin brought a Federal Law suit against the NYS Health Department (Strong v. Zucker)  in August of 2021 which is still pending. Below are links to some of the legal papers in that case:

Here is link to Corrin's amended complaint filed Oct. 13,2021:

Link to Corrin's Motion for a Preliminary Injunction filed Dec. 13 2021:

Here is a link to Corrin's (6,000 word) legal "brief" in support of his motion for an injunction against the state filed on Dec. 27, 2021:

Also, here is a link to Corrin's statement about his expert witness Dr. Peter McCullough and what he will testify to, also filed Dec. 27 2021: